The Art of Compromise: House Edition

Dated: January 3 2023

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The Art of Compromise 

(Never an easy thing to master!!) 

First time home buyers often come to me with an extensive list of must-have items but a budget that simply isn't going to cover the bill. While I appreciate a client who knows what they want, prioritizing those items is a vital step to avoid disappointment. I often ask them to place the items into various categories of importance, 1. need to have 2. would like to have 3. wish I could have. 

It is my job to align expectations and show them just how much their budget can get them. Not always an easy task!  

It may feel hard to compromise, but it is important to remember that this is your first home, not your dream home. Some clients hear what they can afford and say "no way I won't live in that.. I would rather rent another few years and save up money." What they fail to realize is that they are really losing out on a ton of money. While they rent for 3 years at $1,000 a month they have just lost at least $36,000 in equity towards their dream home down the line. 

Rent payments disappear. Mortgage payments result in equity that you use to upgrade when the time is right. 

So, if you are faced with making decisions about what to give up when buying a home, here are 3 compromises that make sense, and 3 things not to.

3 Compromises

1. Yard Size – Outdoor space is wonderful, but if price is an issue it may be an area where you can cut back. 

2. Turnkey Design – Paint, fading carpet, dated appliances and other cosmetic issues can be addressed over time. Bonus, upgrading these items adds to the homes value! 

3. Extra Living Space – Consider carefully if you need the extra bedroom, dual living spaces, or finished basement and compromise where you can.

3 Things You Never Compromise

1. Building Quality – Good bones make a difference; cosmetic issues can be changed over tiem. 

2. School District – Regardless of whether you have children or plan to, future buyers will likely care about schools. Your agent cannot comment on or guide / deter you from certain school districts but with a quick google search you can learn about the various schools in your area. 

3. Safety – Never compromise on safety.

Buying a first home can, more times than not, bring compromises. Keep this is mind before you start searching and prepare yourself that not every box on the list will get checked off. What do you need? What is a want? 

Don't go it alone - let me help you!!! Reach out today. 

XXO Jenna 

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The Art of Compromise: House Edition

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